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Rakyat Merdeka Daily



ONE of influential and leading mass media groups in Indonesia, Rakyat Merdeka was established in April 1999 in Jakarta as a part of Indonesia's primary mass media group, Jawa Pos.

Rakyat Merdeka's history has started when in the middle of 1990s Jawa Pos Group funded Merdeka Daily, a profound and the country's oldest newspapers owned by Indonesia nationalist wing.

Following the fall of New Order regime, Rakyat Merdeka has become a leader in political newspaper, providing its readers with valuable updates on social and political movement in the beginning of Reformation era. In the beginning of its establishment, Rakyat Merdeka has focused more on the social and political updates and had had not less than 150.000 copies per day.

At the beginning of 2002, Rakyat Merdeka has founded its first sister media, Lampu Merah, that later in 2008 has changed its name to Lampu Hijau. It provides information on criminality mostly in Jakarta and surrounding cities. Following the success of Lampu Merah, Rakyat Merdeka has established Non Stop, Bollywood, Haji, Satelit News, Tangsel Pos, Tangerang Pos, Lowongan Kerja (Loker), RM Books Publisher, and Political Biography Magazine Rakyat Merdeka. Nowadays Rakyat Merdeka Group has circulation for around 300.000 copies in a day, well distributed in Jakarta, Banten and West Java.

In 2005 Rakyat Merdeka Group (RMOL) launched its online sister, Rakyat Merdeka Online, reaching readers across the country. In average, it has around 50 million clicks in a month.

Recently Rakyat Merdeka Group is taking a strong tend to be one of key players on the Internet-based mass media realm.



Pendaki tunadaksa berkaki satu dari Indonesia, Sabar Gorky, membaca Harian Rakyat Merdeka dalam perjalanan mendaki Gunung Elbrus di Rusia, Agustus 2011. Ekpsedisi Rakyat Merdeka yang telah membawa Sabar Gorky ke puncak tertinggi di Eropa. Setelah mendaki Elbrus, pada November 2011 Tim Ekspedisi Rakyat Merdeka mendaki Gunung Kilimanjaro di Tanzania. Pada tahun 2012 Sabar Gorky mengikuti kompetisi panjat dinding tingkat dunia di Paris, Perancis dan meraih tempat keempat.

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